Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 17.

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion. For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Kutay Saritosun, Director of Fashion Brands at Bluesign Technologies.

« To be more sustainable it is important to manage the relationship with your producers, the supply chain, the sustainability of your production, put the right materials and the right chemistry.»

Bluesign® approval encompasses consumer safety, responsible use of resources plus a commitment to manufacturing with the lowest possible impacts on both environment and people. With harmful substances eliminated from the beginning of the production process and control standards for what constitutes environmentally-friendly and safe production, the final textile product meets stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide and gives consumers confidence that they are buying a sustainable product. Providing transparency and traceability of all processing steps, materials throughout the product chain and intermediate products are tested and bear the bluesign® label.


-The bluesign® system offers solutions for manufacturers to certify production processes and composition of the components tested for the bluesign® criteria.

-From raw material to finished product, tested and sustainably-produced components are designated as bluesign®-approved.

Smart Creation, the podcast of Première Vison :

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