Autumn-Winter 23-24: Shiny silver temptation

The Première Vision color range foretold the omnipresence of a metallic color for the autumn-winter 23-24 season, namely bright silver: a cold metal that vibrates in the light and oozes sensuality.

Overlooking the supply constraints well-known to all, silver encourages optimism, thanks to its futuristic and festive shine.

This cross-cutting trend is affecting all sectors and comes in three forms: a futuristic gleam, a powdered shine and a textured reflection.

Futuristic gleam

Like liquid mercury, silver is colonizing yarns, fabrics and skins. It appears here in its purest, shiniest format. Its cool gleams evoke a futurism as fascinating as it is disturbing. But its ultra-shine also celebrates a more festive view on fashion. There is no room here for discretion or false modesty: these provocative highlights promise to leave a lasting impression on their viewer’s retina.

Powdered sparkle

Here, silver is discreet. Its shimmer is muted, subtle, opaque. The pale gleam seems to resist the eye, and only offers itself to the attentive viewer. It is revealed in movement, movements as varied as the materials in question. Slippery satin, gummy wax, metallic or fluid textures, grained leather or smooth fake fur. A controlled silver that can be put to all uses.

Textured reflexion

Let us linger in the third dimension here. Because this metallic surface can be associated with texture. Grained, woven, sequined, quilted – silver is highlighting every asperity and every embellishment. Playing with shadows and lights, with matt and shine, metal underlines and enhances the various reliefs. Complex weaves shine brightly, while sequins appear in glamorous abundance or gleaming alignment. Quilting is geometric, while leathers are embossed with animal patterns. In accessories, surfaces seem to be undulating, evoking unusual lunar landscapes.

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