Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 2

SMART CREATION, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion. Discover the latest products and global initiatives from key upstream players to help make the move to a more responsible fashion industry. Twice monthly, on Wednesday, share the experience of a new guest joining us to unveil a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability.

In this second episode we meet up with Matteo Mantellassi, CEO of MANTECO

Manteco opened in Prato in 1943, thanks to the vision of Enzo Mantellassi, and began producing outerwear fabrics. In 1967, Enzo’s son Franco Mantellassi took over the reins, expanding and developing the company while also developing it into a model of responsibility, innovation and sustainability. Today, Franco has been joined by his sons Marco and Matteo, who are the protagonists of a new story grounded in the company’s unique know-how, an archive of 40,000 prototypes, and a production capacity topping 7 million metres of fabric per year. 

Manteco has always remained faithful to the Made in Italy tradition, refusing to relocate production to countries with a lower cost of labour. This choice has allowed the company to maintain its high-quality and focus on details, guaranteeing excellent service for its customer. Manteco’s fabrics embody the right balance between craftsmanship and industrialization, joining experience and tradition to cutting-edge technology.

Today, Manteco exports to over 30 countries around the world and counts among its leading customers the most important international fashion brands, together with whom the company ensures a sustainable and controlled development of the sector. The company’s fabrics are exported to numerous countries around the world, an export activity backed by a customer service that pays close attention to the needs of the market.

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Stay tuned and enjoy!

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