AW 24-25 Fabrics : Highlights

Autumn-Winter 2024-25 celebrates both strength and fragility. 

The power of the Solar Force, an inexhaustible source of energy, lights up materials. It runs through and highlights a humble nature, one we take time to linger over, the better to observe and understand it. We imitate its organic logic. Know-hows are reborn and flourish. Whether discreetly virtuoso or squarely in the spotlight of contemporary shine and sparkle, weaves, embroidery and finishings tend towards an enhanced, technical, augmented elegance. 

Finally, a new direction is taking shape, one pointing to more durable, more sustainable fashion, notably through increasingly virtuous blends of materials.


A source of energy in the heart of winter: light in action.

Radiant energy: from lace to fur, winter collections are bathed in the radiant warmth of orange, an iconic color and a veritable hotbed of energy. Shadows fuse against the pure, radical incandescence of this season’s True Orange. 

Drawing with light: photogrammatic prints, and isolated, blurred, flickering, graduated patterns… light infuses backgrounds, fades woolens, illuminates dark grounds, lends a vibration to check outlines and is dispersed in halos across color-wovens. 

Precious sparkles: broadcloths woven through with lamé, denim sprayed with gold, jeweled tweeds, silky brocades – fabrics shimmer, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes in all the dazzle of a shine boldly embraced for day. Strangely shot glimmers shift over metallic sparkles and darkened gildings.


A return to a spruced up elegance: understatement that refuses to go unnoticed.

Couture black: A season that celebrates the strength of elegant plains. Black – restrained, exuberant when worked in decoration –  steps out from the shadows to take center stage. In luxurious brushed fabrics, mad fringes, sequins, beads, and slippery satin reflections, black catches the light in fleeting flashes with mysterious, dramatic accents. High-drama embellishments deriving from a very theatrical black.

Techno couture: with the revived interest in Tailoring elegance, blended, fluid and malleable suitings and iconic couturesilkies are enhanced with technical performance, while strong and dense knits move into the classic wardrobe to ensure strength, protection and greater comfort. Geometries are featured in virtuoso weaves. Preciousness blooms, right up to jeweled tweeds, and to embroideries and lace evoking high-end jewelry. 

Doubles: in a dialogue between exteriors and interiors, in knits as well as wovens, doubles and their fuller handles make it possible to marry comfort and hold, strength and elegance, fantasy and restraint, with a promise of every more quality for a range of versatile uses.


Encountering nature: getting to know it better, examining it up close, appreciating its potential.

A resurgence of wool: we’re rediscovering wool’s potential in all areas, whether chic or technical, worn right next to the skin or for large wardrobe items. We’re not afraid to experiment with blends of vegetable or artificial fibers, or even paper yarns. 

Organic structures: through its textures and compositions, fabric evokes nature examined through a magnifying glass. As if given a reality check, handles are drier and rougher – with veins, honeycombs, cellular structures and lichens evoked here without any naiveté. 

Nature symbiosis: a tribute to plant life, tree rings, mushroom lamellae and leaf structures define a graphic vocabulary that inspires everything from lace to knits, jacquards, prints and flocking. Right down to the whites. The whites of snow, the whites of winter. Protective whites, pale and precious.

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