AW 24-25 Decoration : Lace & Embroidery

A myriad of lace and embroidery proposals play with overlays and fine multi-layers of transparency and texture. Patterns melt into interlacing precious materials, transforming materials into jewel-like fabrics. Ornamental white, equally richly decorated, revisits the fantasy realm of weddings. Even coat weights are embellished.

Jewel-like fabrics

Thrown, knopped, multi-ply yarns cross and intersect, offset with beads, crystals, sequins and tassels. This ornamental overload can also be seen in the luxurious finishings of gold or silver metallic lace. Mesh, tulle effects and net fabrics are studded with precious stones and sequins, rivalling each other in elegance and sophistication, morphing into jewel-like fabrics. Multicolored seed pearls create all-over embroidered motifs, signaling exuberance and overabundance. Laces are over-embroidered and over-printed, displaying a multitude of chromatic nuances.

A new twist on bridal

Evoking the wedding gown, white steals the spotlight. Precious materials are transformed by overlapping decorative effects: at times lace is over-embroidered with wool or lurex yarns, beads and sequins, while other times it’s printed with vibrant bursts of color. Opulent, sophisticated embroideries embellish transparent voiles with an over-decorated lightness. A way to give a twist to traditional wedding codes by injecting them with a dose of extravagant joy.

Embellishing coat weights

Coat weights also go in for embellishment. Quiltings, woolens and felts are richly decorated with floral, geometric and fantasy embroideries that veer all the way to folk-inspired designs. Bonded laces are so dense and intense they’re used to adorn outer garments, jackets and coats.

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