AW 24-25 Decoration : Prints

This season, prints take daring leaps, in a myriad of stylistic approaches and inspirations. They traverse the botanical realm, delving deep into the heart of the forest, while also venturing into the abstract, favoring trompe-l’oeil effects. Other motifs draw from optical geometry, to create shifting nuances and deconstruct color schemes. 

The heart of the forest

Abstract and stylized motifs in all-over applications suggest wood veining, leaf ribbings and barks, positing a perfect alternative to animal-skin or camouflage designs. The shades – moss, chestnut, copper pink, iridescent brown – naturally echo the plant metaphor. A second narrative direction is expressed in a more literal style. Prints evoke landscapes with a pastoral or bucolic feel, with precise, painterly strokes for a more traditional meander through forests and woodlands. 

Trompe-l’oeil effects

Prints also enjoy playing pretend. Patterns imitate embroideries, laces and woven fabric structures, fashioning an illusion. Here, we spy a print evoking a cross-stitch or open-weave; there, a houndstooth or herringbone motif. Yarns become pencil strokes, crisscrossing the fabric to trace out check variations. Layered motifs favor trompe-l’œil effects, with decorative designs cleverly intersecting and intertwining, suggesting subliminal images.

Drawing with light

Plays on light lend a vibration to motifs, traversed by fleeting glimmers. Radiant halos diffract patterns, often blurring them, occasionally pixelating them. Hues have a sprayed, airbrushed look.

These meticulously controlled distortions embellish florals, vegetation and geometric motifs while updating artistic expressions. Exposed to the sky, hues shimmer in fiery and solar shades. Gradient effects assume new forms, forging a complexity within the motifs themselves. A distillation of movement, elegantly enlivening lines and shapes.

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