AW 24-25 Decoration : High Fancy Jacquards and Silkies

Silks are surprising this season, turning to over-decoration in a totally uninhibited way. A baroque twist also reflected in highly textured decorative proposals, verging on upholstery fabrics. Richly enhanced and ornate geometrics round out the offer.

Baroque Twist

The offer is quirkily outlandish, as baroque as can be. The opulence of decorative designs is showcased in XXL motifs in a proliferation of scales, with scrambled stylistic cues and blurry historical references. Flowers, too, play on giant scales. All topped with ornamental excess: patterns are over-enriched, colors dazzle, shines are livelier, gilding is doubly shiny.

Ornamental textures

In tune with the season’s major inspirations, a whole range of jacquard techniques evoke the texture of wood, its veins, its bark… Relief effects are found on both fluid fabrics and thicker materials. Patterns imitate tree bark, with organic jacquard moirés and prints with textured relief, creating the impression of a symbiotic relationship with nature. Embossed and damask fabrics replace zebra and camouflage designs. The addition of fantasy yarns increases the interplay of textures, evoking a tapestry universe.

Ornate geometry

Quite smart geometric motifs adorn jacquard panne velvets and give a twist to classic menswear designs such as herringbones, checks and diamonds. Elaborated weaves and textures enhance the patterns, giving rise to offbeat reinterpretations. Jacquards dress up in all their finery: metalloplastic yarns create relief, satin is set off by textured yarns, and cut-yarns evoke fur.

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