AW 24-25 Fabrics : Casual

Casual wear isn’t run of the mill! More qualitative, more inventive, impeccably dense cottons are as robust as they are elegant. Velvet corduroys turn up in colorful, silky fantasy versions.  New washes steer garment wash down the path of virtuous creativity. And when wool joins forces with cotton, animal-plant blends lay the foundations for a new dress code.

Impeccably dense

Cotton fabrics never compromise on quality or quantity, whether worked in double warps, double weaves, double faces; in robust weaves such as whipcords, gabardines, or drill; firmly set in military satins and moleskins; or even bonded. These constructions, inspired by workwear, exude a commanding presence to impress even the most sophisticated.

Corduroy velvets

Corduroy gets a fresh look! This timeless classic takes a different approach and finds its inspiration in upholstery fabrics. Finely carved and closely shorn, it ventures into all kinds of imaginative designs and colorways, always in a refined key. Blended with viscose, it boasts shimmering reflections and a creamy softness, transcending gender or style dictates.

Garment wash

Neither banal, nor drab, nor polluting… wash-outs are ready to stand tall again. We opt for mechanical finishings or dry techniques such as stitching, needling, laser or ozone.  We look for the hidden luminosity of gradient hues with rich nuances, occasionally enhanced by fine gilding… there are so many ideas to re-launch jeans wear on the promising path of virtuous luxury without compromising the power of style.

Animal-plant fiber blends

Even when low key, animal-vegetable blends can be felt, and switch things up. Is it wool that fluffs up the driest cottons, injecting a certain elegance into casual wear? Or cotton that lends a new wrinkle to the strictest of suitings? 

These two fibers, with the complicity of linen, work together to shake up style codes in suitings that aren’t too ironed, warmed-up gabardines, cozier velvets and banker-striped denims…

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