AW 24-25 Fabrics : Knits

From T-shirts to coats, wool is an unanimous favorite, steering cut-sewn looks in a more refined direction. In women’s suit, jacket and dress weights, knits slip into the domain of wovens, where they interpret tailoring elegance in more sheathing volumes. Last but not least, knits win out with XXL fantasies, giant motifs, exaggerated textures and exuberant shines.

Unanimity for wool

New compositions, new styles: jersey, interlock, fleece… wool is the unanimous choice, turning a new page in the routine world of cut-and-sewn fashions. T-shirts are becoming more refined, fleece is moving away from sweats, and woolen fleece is about to come to town.

In woven territory

From women’s suits to jackets and dresses, knits slip into the territory of wovens. In compact Milano, double-face and satin interlock versions, knits play around with tartans, Prince of Wales and other chic classics in enlarged, high-contrast interpretations – teaming their rigorous geometry with sharply silhouetted, sheathing and comfortable volumes.

Fantasy knits

With piqué and cloqué jacquards, with quilted, padded, shearling and even lacquered knits, we can move beyond hoodies all the way to coats, puffers and even fur-lined jackets. Fantasy knits show off all their versatility in a colorful parade, by turns wild, futuristic or rock and roll – but always XXL.

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