AW 24-25 Fabrics : Shirting

Comfortable, high quality winter shirtings are warmed up with wool blends for a quiet elegance. In the long tradition of plaid flannels with blurry contrasts, overshirtings retain their quiet strength. Continuing in this soft vein, refined velvets grow more sophisticated to conquer the chic shirting universe. And when a rigorous approach is called for, formal shirts opt for high-precision patterns with a controlled fantasy.

Wool blends

The new shirtings feature close blends with wool, and sometimes a touch of lyocell, making them more inviting, natural and warm. We spot a new elegance emerging behind these more everyday looks, for classic shirts that retain all their quality.


Brushings and blurry gradations create halo-like checks, bathed in the calm and vibrant luminosity of winter sunshine. Comfortable flannels ranging from shirt to jacket weights rediscover the quiet rhythm of lumberjack patterns, occasionally dipping into artisanal fantasy.

Refined & Velvety

With their matt softness and low-key delicacy, baby cords showcase a flattering texture and beautiful depth of color. Dressy enough to be worn without a jacket, covering enough to be worked as dresses, these sophisticated velvets set out to conquer chic shirts.

High precision

Perfect alignments, rhythmic geometries, crackling stipples – everything clicks seamlessly into place in micro-patterns somewhere between wagara designs and tie motifs. Combed, fine and firmly-set shirtings, discreetly stretchy, call for precise, down-to-the-millimeter cuts with a sharp, unrestrained elegance.

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