AW 24-25 Fabrics : Silkies

Extravagant, grand, silkies rediscover a taste for shine. In line with technical fabric developments, they are revitalized in a contemporary couture spirit. Syrupy silkies envelop silhouettes in shimmering fluidity. Meantime, cellulosic blends give crepes a refresh. In a season celebrating the plant realm, silkies turn to barks to find inspiration for some of their surface fantasies.

Contemporary couture

They’re radiant and refuse to dim or lower their shine: iconic silks, duchesse satins, double satins, mikados and shot taffetas step into the limelight right alongside the technical fabrics they occasionally resemble in look and performance. They aim to shake up evening dresses, and disrupt daywear in an extravagant techno-couture spirit.

Gleaming fluidity

Gleaming panne velvets, runny satins, jacquard velvets – these syrupy silkies promise long, lean and wavy silhouettes, where motion brings out shimmering reflections, occasionally  interspersed with a metallic sparkle.

Softer crêpes

Crepes get a makeover. Just like after a good scrub, they slough off that sandy grain that is their distinguishing feature. The secret: cellulosic blends, which offer a handle that’s both dry and caressing, while maintaining the drape, springiness and natural elasticity of traditional crêpes.

Bark-like silkies

From light mousselines to heavy jacquards, silkies answer to the call of the forest. Bark effects, wood veins and woody textures, echoed in weaves, are expressed through pleats, tubics and creponnes, in a unified tribute to trees in all their guises.

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