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Wool is in the spotlight – and we like it any way it’s served up. Sartorial suitings celebrate the return of a dressed-to-the-nines chic. In wool blends, they acquire a silk-influenced fluidity and satin sheen. Broadcloths and tweeds cultivate a natural nobility, enhanced by precious accents for dressed-up jackets and coats. And foamy woolens make a strong statement in a luxurious but cozy style.

The return of chic

A return to sartorial references and the excellence of fine wools. Here, Saxon checks and tone-on-tone Prince-of-Wales cultivate an exemplary understatement, leaving plenty of time to appreciate the neatness of whipcord and corkscrew weaves, the worsted quality of dry, dense and springy suitings, and the lightness of flowing, finely velvety flannels.

Silky influence

Suitings in wool blend versions are embracing more fluidity and a tonic roundness.  They lend suppleness and comfort to long, lean, impeccably elegant volumes.

Dressed-up jackets and coats

A rediscovery of heritage woolens. Brushed broadcloths and mohair velours have a welcoming, understated and luxurious simplicity. Soft and supple, tweeds showcase fanciful weaves with an artisanal resonance, adorned in jewel-like shines whose precious accents bring out the fabric’s natural elegance.

Cozy & noble

By turns fleecy, dense and bouncy, or curly, frothy and airy, cozy woolens are on the rise. These noble, modern wools are challenging synthetics on both the fleece front and the faux-fur front. Curly and plush, they awaken our inner child with their innocently tousled aspect.

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