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25 days prior to the Olympic Games,
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Igor Dieryck laureat festival hyeres
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Color conversation with Igor Dieryck, winner of the Grand Prix du jury Mode at the Hyères Festival

Igor Dieryck, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022, swept ...

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Sustainable Color In Leather

Coloring is a matter of chemical transformation and its use in the leather sector is no ...

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Olivenleder ®: Innovators In Vegetable Tanning

Created by wet-green GmbH, the Olivenleder® leather brand stands out for its strong commitment to ...

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AW 24-25 Harmony Focus: Luminous Shine

Light effects glorify fabrics, lending them both a surge of energy and an unreal quality ...

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AW 24-25 Harmony Focus: Gradients

This Autumn Winter 24-25, graduated shades break with the usual artificial hues in favor of ...

Color Harmony AW 24-25 Textures
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AW 24-25 Harmony Focus: Textures

At the intersection of background and decor, warp and weft, effect yarns and binding yarns, ...

Gratacos : Color Conversation Rosa Pujol
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Gratacos: Color Conversation With Rosa Pujol

Since 1940, Gratacos has been supplying the most prestigious fashion brands and young designers. Specialized ...

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Tissu vert
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AW 24-25 : 5 key colors

This modern and versatile quintet encapsulates each of the season’s major themes.

Workshop Leather Fashion RV 2023
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[Fashion Workshop] – Workshop Leather AH 24-25

Workshop by invitation only, space is limited. 1 hour 15 minutes, in French. 

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AW 24-25 Sustainability : Fabrics

Autumn-Winter 2024-25 radiates a solar energy with positive-impact solutions.  Care is taken to preserve and ...

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AW 24-25 Fabrics : Casual

Casual wear isn’t run of the mill! More qualitative, more inventive, impeccably dense cottons are ...

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AW 24-25 Fabrics

The future of classics Why are silkies shining again and chic suitings back in the ...

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AW 24-25 Fabrics : Highlights

Autumn-Winter 2024-25 celebrates both strength and fragility.  The power of the Solar Force, an inexhaustible source ...

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AW 24-25 Fabrics : Knits

From T-shirts to coats, wool is an unanimous favorite, steering cut-sewn looks in a more ...

Season Report EN SS25
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AW 24-25 Fabrics : Silkies

Extravagant, grand, silkies rediscover a taste for shine. In line with technical fabric developments, they ...

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AW 24-25 Fabrics : Shirting

Comfortable, high quality winter shirtings are warmed up with wool blends for a quiet elegance. In the ...

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AW 24-25 Sustainability : Leather

An extraordinary amount of care and attention has gone into the development of the Autumn-Winter 2024-25 ...

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AW 24-25 Sustainability : Accessories

For decorating or adding functionality to garments, bags and shoes, accessory components are unique in ...

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The AW 24-25 film

The film of the season dives into the Autumn-Winter 24-25 season