Tops & Shirts

Highlights for tops and light pieces: shirts, blouses, tunics, dresses, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and undergarments. The season’s plains and fancies, in wovens and knits, lace and embroidery. Tops will compose colourful, calm silhouettes.

Graphic and sensitive decoration avoids anything overloaded. Satiny or shimmering shine adds a precious touch to everyday. Winter dresses and soft shirts are the centre of attention.


Poetic flowers: flowers that are gracefully drawn, blooming and scattered, with sometimes slightly melancholic accents for a truly contemporary vintage. Calm compositions with sophisticatedly coloured grounds, laces with silky or velvety textures. An ultra-feminine approach to offset by mixing in with men’s or sports looks.

Gentle geometry: slightly undefined flat tints, not very well aligned dots and puzzle-like imbrications. Pictorial graphics and simple shapes full of small imperfections. Hand-drawn, painted with a brush or filled-in with felt markers. Soft, unaggressive colourways. Angular flowers, bouquets of polygons.

Imaginary landscapes: a dream forest or a nightmarish jungle, mysterious landscapes, splotches that look like mountains, hidden animals. Prints and jacquards filled with details in which the eye travels and gets lost. The exotic strangeness of imaginary maps of the sky and unknown ice floes.

Savvy imitations: patterns and decorations in very approximate trompe l’oeil, freely inspired by menswear patterns, suiting checks, coat weaves and cable stitches. References pinched with a humorous touch: layered, distorted, disrupted by fancy, burnt-out or textured grounds. Lace and embroidery parodies of wovens and knits.


Masculine-style suppleness: behaviours free of all rigidity, for an almost fluid shirt. Viscose, a touch of silk or cashmere, twill weaves.  Checks and semi-plains with truly masculine colourways; soft stripes where the background makes all the difference, inviting them to be worn in a casual, chic and urban way.

Suit-like: the colours and patterns of suit wools move into shirts, in city or casual versions. Chinés and throwns in all-over or in details in checks and stripes, wool or cashmere blends, a touch of tweedy rusticity through micro knopped yarns, emerised finishings or warm brushings. Suiting motifs, Prince of Wales, tennis stripes, and traditional suiting patterns. Polo knits play in the same register.

Classic impostors: cheeky plays on British archetypes. Plaids and club stripes are re-coloured and sharply affirmed, intruded on by punk dobbies or fictitious emblem motifs or infiltrated by incongruous chenille yarns. Two- or three-tone graphic figureds or prints, miniaturized African geometrics, also interpreted in polo knits.


Emphasised gleam: satins and satiny blends, soft and shiny silks and viscose with a syrupy or slightly nonchalant fluidity. Glimmering or washed velvets and panne velvets. Knits with wet reflections. Shine with multiple functions, for precious and everyday shimmer.

Micro sparks: metalloplastic yarns, iridescent filaments and fine lamés, golden or colourful, light up wovens and knits with myriad points of light. Light voiles and silks, plain knits and jacquards are illuminated by starry dust or vibrate with mysterious sheen.

Warm lightness: light wools for cosy tops, plain, yarn-dyed or printed. Slightly chiné, cloudy grounds. Velvety embroidery, wool or mohair lace in cosy decorations.


Cocoon knits: extreme fineness more than actual transparency. Small flat ribs, modal and lyocells warmed up with wool or silk for lingerie or underwear tops to wear against the skin, or refined tee-shirts.

Spongy softness: supple and shiny terry velours, bouclette-backed fleece for cosy tee-shirts, warm terry on the inside of sweats. Very round and creamy bouclette and brushed fabrics. Hairy yarns and soft and shaggy plush for fancy sweaters.