AW 25-26 Season Preview: Minimalist Excellence

In a season marked by contrast and the pursuit of extremes in virtuosity, mastercraftsmanship and stylistic identity, excellence guides the way forward. An urge for opulence goes hand in hand with a longing for simplicity, prioritizing quality over quantity. This continuing trend, part of a long term vision, takes on a new emphasis and intensity for Autumn-Winter 25-26.

The weight and handles of materials, their subtly glossy or textured aspects strive for precision, for a minimalism revealing a generous simplicity.

Just Lustrous

The inner richness of fabrics finds surface expression in slightly shiny aspects. The goal is a natural, noble, perfect luster, with subdued reflections in silk fabrics, and silky knits and twills adorned with a subtle sheen. A luster surfacing on mercerized cottons as well, for jacket and shirt weights. A luxuriously discreet shine for both men’s and women’s wear. The season’s leathers showcase smooth, contemporary surfaces with technical accents. Handles are rich, sensual. Shearling and sheepskin borrow the luster, vaporous lightness and distinctive roundness of fur.

Credits : DISKOI, 2023 ©Objects of Common Interest, photo Filippo Pincolini / ©Première Vision

Couture Curves

From couture curves to soft suppleness, the excellence of plains comes from the density of their weaves and knits. A density that gives a new roundness to fabrics, for exceptional everyday looks. Sturdy fabrics are softened, relaxed, for an elegantly distinguished comfort inloose-fitting, nonchalantly elegant pieces. This season’s leathers focus on striking the perfect balance between opulent density and lightness, inspired by the solid, ultra-smooth look of box-calf leathers. A way to create new iconic pieces, and reinterpret the structured volumes of AW2526 without rigidity. In accessories, components embrace a compact roundness, tactile and sensory soft shapes, and puffy volumes.

Credits : AI generated / Première Vision

Exceptional Textures

Targeting the exceptional and steering clear of uniformity, textures stand out. Truly novel structures enhance monochromatic looks. A new take on timeless honeycombs and piqués emerges in yarn-dyed or printed designs worked in texture. The interaction between designand ground is heightened. Motifs are worked on pleated grounds, while embroidered andprinted designs turn up on honeycombs, ribs, and piqués. When patterns are simplified to the extreme, their full power comes through in their size, with decorations designed to encompass the entire silhouette. In leather, animal decorations are ultra minimal, in tone-on-tone hues on embossed skins. Perforations and laser cuts are revisited in extreme formats. In sheepskins, expert savoir-faire is revealed in the interplay of finely carved geometric cut-outs.

Credits : ©Sloth Rousing / ©studio b severin

Functional Simplicity

In accessories too, minimalist excellence favors a pared-down approach to design, with precise shapes and precious materials inextricably linked to their functions. The line between functional element and jewelry is blurred, with accessories and components treated as minimalist jewelry. Practical components are turned into functional and distinctive ornamentson their own, to add a statement touch to a clean silhouette or design.

Credits : ©Dan Yeffet / ©Première Vision

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