SS 25 Style Focus: The metamorphosis of Taskin Goec

Taskin Goec, who describes himself as a mixed-reality designer, lent his talents to Première Vision to create the SS 25 Season’s Film. His extraordinary creations, or creatures, bridge physical reality and the digital realm to embody a change of state, a mutation –  the season’s central theme.

Taskin Goec is a Berlin and London-based mixed reality designer, fusing traditional and digital fashion. A London College of Fashion graduate, Goec brings his perspective to life in hybrid collections showcased at London Fashion Week. With roots in traditional fashion (Chanel’s Métiers d’Art), Goec integrates this expertise into the digital landscape, collaborating with partners like SHOWstudio, The Fabricant, and Vogue+. His commitment to innovation is evident in workflows that intertwine physical craftsmanship with custom-trained AI models and digital pattern cutting. Taskin Goec’s work is a testament to the coexistence of heritage craftsmanship and pioneering technology, bridging the tangible and the virtual.

“In this era of mixed reality, where the digital and tangible seamlessly entwine, our standards, desires, and fears undergo a transformative adaptation. As the purely material world dissolves into glossy screens, a yearning for authenticity, for rawness and grime, takes root. As a result, I focused on sensory appeal; the looks are rich in texture, physically achieved through combinations of pleating, fraying, and printing techniques; in digital space, these textures are the result of intricate cloth simulations and procedural node setups. This also applies to the fragmented and distorting pattern cutting, which is the result of a hybrid workflow that I refined over the last five years, using software such as Blender and CLO3D. During this process, I embrace spontaneity, twisting shirts and bomber jackets around the body and cutting into open surfaces.” Taskin Goec.

A Metamorphing Pantsuit

Spring-Summer 25 is all about hybrids. Fused states, moments and style codes are encapsulated in looks poised at the crossroads. The pantsuit-as-uniform now boasts expanded volumes, and dips freely into the aesthetics of silks and evening-wear. Ruffles, panels, gores and draping protrude from asymmetrical cuts, randomly well placed, to deconstruct jackets, skirts and pants, making movement indispensable. Hybrid from the core of their yarns to their weaves, fabrics easily embrace tailored or fluid, silky or slubbed looks.

Heightened Tactility

Mutation is at work in the Spring-Summer 25 collections. Volumes and textures verging on the abstract and experimental reflect a pursuit of the extraordinary. Fabrics and materials are increasingly dry and textured, with ever more wrinkles and folds. Surfaces seem transformed, with magnified cloqués, seersuckers and fringes for heightened tactility. A new grunge vocabulary is emerging, one that’s opulent and maximal, decompartmentalized and unclassifiable. Strangeness is taking precedence over classic beauty codes, making room for boldness, exceptionalness, and strong, confidently assumed identities.

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