SS 25 Style Focus: Light Tailoring

For Spring-Summer 25, tailoring moves outside its comfort zone, adopting wider, surprisingly lightweight volumes more associated with casual wear. Fabrics, too, are changing things up, with fine, fluid woolens and shirting fabrics that skew more gentleman farmer than businessman. Roomy silhouettes riff on the 1990s subculture aesthetic. A lesson in subverting the power dressing codes. 

Neo rural

©Maud Lochet

The shirt is no longer a constraint. Elongated, and cut wider, it embraces its feminine side with hourglass silhouettes. Adopting oversized volumes, shirting is freed from the confines of the suit and becomes a key piece of the silhouette in its own right. 
A true fashion statement, it proudly sports exaggerated details, such as XXL collars and deliberately detached cuffs. 
Breaking with the sharp city look, traditional poplins are replaced with fabrics that flirt with a rural aesthetic, such as country stripes and checks on light and fresh, subtly rumpled linens.

Pieces to combine with more urban references for looks eschewing a nostalgic mood, introducing hybrid silhouettes with a street-meets-country working girl aesthetic. 

Wool look

©Maud Lochet

Suits, too, are breaking free from the office, with a shift to roomy, mismatched silhouettes. 
A neo-tailoring aesthetic that owes its look to the use of fine, crisp wools that float on the body but are sharp in movement. Comfort is enhanced by the climatic performance features of wool, a thermoregulating material par excellence. Thanks to ingenious blends, these cloths combine the fluid properties of cellulose fibers such as viscose or lyocell with the discreet slubbed effects and springiness of bast fibers. 

To pair with a shirt in an airy fabric, such as a mesh or gauze, for a stylish, urban look that adapts to all temperatures. 

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