Autumn-Winter 25-26: The Season’s Theme revealed in a New Teaser

Autumn-Winter 25-26 invites us to intensify contrasts and explore the Extreme. Throughout its creative processes, techniques and know-hows, fashion this season celebrates excellence and the extraordinary.


In the face of numerous economic and ecological challenges, the fashion industry has adapted and reinvented itself in pursuit of a sustainable and prosperous future. Today, it is surpassing itself as it strives to reshape the contours of creative and industrial approaches.

This season, standing out means striving for Exceptional creative expression, Excellent quality, and an Exacting approach to sustainability.

Being Extreme is about making fearless choices and proudly embracing them. In today’s world it is a means of being visible. Yet, the Extreme can also encompass simplicity, restraint and softness.

Towards Minimalist Excellence

A dichotomy is emerging between the need to simplify and a longing for opulence. Sheer profusion is creating a feeling of saturation, driving a need to sort, to organize. Rigor and simplification call for virtuosity, and a perfected mastery of know-hows. Richness focuses on quality, and abundance yields to the pursuit of excellence. Minimalism is transformed into a luxury attribute, re-introducing harmony into an age of excess.

Towards Inclusive Extravagance

An inclusive, multi-faceted approach to extravagance is arising from the new diversity of multi-generational and multicultural influences. Codes are mixed, forging a new, composite aesthetic style, far removed from banality or conformity. Colors, materials and textures bridge different eras, cultures and aesthetic ideals, from heritage to new creative directions. The season embraces a desire for freedom, the need for a creative space free of rules and limitations, where imagination reigns supreme.

Towards Sensual Expressivity

A need for sensual and emotional exploration encourages us to let go of pre-established models, to reinterpret and redefine them through the lens of our own experiences. The body is seen in all its diversity, from softness and fragility to strength and dramatic intensity, from discretion to provocation. Clothing reveals rather than conceals, telling a story about the body in all its expressions and all its reality.

Autumn-Winter 25-26 is deeply rooted in the values of quality, longevity and inclusiveness. A season that welcomes choice and opposing views, creating ways for extremes to coexist. Fashion is not just an aesthetic choice, but a commitment as well. Today, creativity and sustainability are no longer necessarily opposites, but can come together and benefit each other, to meet both our desires and our environmental responsibilities.

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