Harmony Focus SS 25: Bewitching Depth

Dark shades are infiltrating summer palettes, bringing depth and elegance to harmonies. As the surprise ingredient of the summer collections, these dark colors also reflect the growing appetite for transversality, breaking away from uses that are limited to one season. 

Summer darks

SS25 summer darks

Dark tones commingle to create deep, intense harmonies, combined with nature-inspired motifs (fur, scales, beetle shells, telluric strata…) that border on abstract. Bold and bewitching, these dark tones draw the eye. Jacquards featuring motifs evoking surrealistic fauna contrast dark tones with metallic reflections as well as Lurex yarns for bold shine or shimmering effects that reveal themselves in movement. Cloudy abstract prints combine with strict or random pleats, enhancing their optical vibrancy. 

Shifting blues

From navy to French workwear and indigo shades, blue – a true classic – dominates the everyday wardrobe. For Spring-Summer 25, however, the color also steps out of its comfort zone, asserting itself where we least expect it. 

Modern fancy silks favor formal blue shades. The color vibrates and is enriched by textures, nuances and reflections, combining with a range of techniques. 

On embroidered stylized floral motifs or gathered silky checks, blue combines rigor and movement. Different tonal variations coexist on prints as well as denim with faded treatments that evoke wisps of smoke. In evening mode, deep blues are striated, coloring irregular pleating, for instance, or irregular stripes on a transparent base.

Shimmering tones

SS 25 color book

Influenced by the concept of mutation, this season sees shifting color effects applied to a new range of bases. Woven with light warp yarns, offering combinations of bright colors or brights mixed with neutrals, they render hues unstable and elusive. This chromatic vibrancy is expressed in a variety of product categories, including shirting fabrics that are half moiré, half mottled, shifting twills, and prints with irregular metallic accents. 

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