The Best Sport & Tech for autumn winter 20/21

In the world of sport, buyers are showing increased enthusiasm for new textiles combining performance, eco-responsibility and elegance. Here again, a cross of genders and styles – between men and women, between city and outdoor wear – gives prominence to fabrics that combine authenticity and technology, appeal and function. You can find the these sportswear fabrics, as revealed by the AW 20/21 Best survey, at the Première Vision Marketplace to source online.

Natural protectors
Buyers want the technical nature of waterproof, waterproof/breathable and climatic products to be invisible, hidden under authentic handles. For outdoor wear in harmony with nature, hiking specialists are looking for woolly and linen-y feels. Note: the emergence of cottony corduroys confirms this quest for authenticity. 


Cosy knits
Softness and tenderness step into the world of technology. Hits included fleeces that were foamy on the inside; soft, plump double-faces; and soft, fleece-backed bondings and woolly piqués. Climate protection is preferred cosy and comforting.


Citywear and active-sport crossovers keep on climbing. The demand for high-performance fabrics influenced by the suiting universe is becoming increasingly pronounced. Membrane wools are sought after for a flawlessly elegant raincoat. On the other hand, for truly sporty uses, patterns inspired by classic menswear and authentic woollens gain ground.


High-tech fineness
High-altitude specialists are always on the lookout for more performant and lighter products, for fabrics to go even further under extreme conditions.  A growing success for extra-fine bondings; slim, flexible and compact three-layers; wind-proof and down-proof qualities that are opaque yet very light.


Rich plains
In the forefront of selections, plains move away from smoothness. Ripstops have the highest score, but overall, requests register a rise in fanciful textures, especially ribbed effects, tactile weaves, wrinkled finishes and worn aspects. 


Vibrant shine
This season technical shine moves, especially satiny textiles preferred with a shifting lustre, and metallizations appreciated for their liquid or sparkling aspects. Even reflective fabrics are chosen for their shot reflections.