Guided tour Pierre-Louis Mascia

The designer, Creator of a line of accessories and fashion illustrator, shares his impressions.


What I find really attractive are these matt leathers. The colour rises right to the surface of the skin, it’s very pure. In furs, orylag is a recurrent theme for me, it’s thicker than mink, less ostentatious than fox, and it works really well with silk. I like this bright dye. I like to play with prints on fur and silk, to create trompe-l’oeil effects.
Leather, Trends Gallery, Hall 3

I like eyelet. I often use it to play on the contrast between a printed ground and embroidered openwork. All the shirtings worked into very discreet micro-patterns or naive miniature prints really appeal to me. They’re very fresh.
Fabrics, Tops & shirts, Hall 5

In this very soft, cocoon-like atmosphere, these knit scarves look almost familiar. I like these jacquards with a melding of matt and shine.
Forum Yarns, Hall 5

Cordings inspire me. They let me finish or emphasize a shape. I like this blend of a natural cord assembled with a more precious yarn. It brings together the raw and the silky, and that lets me avoid a too-dressy aspect. I also want to create jewellery for scarves, to use this kind of stone in appliqué to retrace an outline or weight the four corners of a scarf with a sliver of metal.
Accessories, Display and Jewel Case, Hall 4