6 exhibitors share their views on irregularity

The vitality of irregularity, the freshness of imperfection…how do you express the life in materials?



Since 1778, We’ve spotlighted the natural irregularity of linen.
Because of its mechanical production method, the yarn is randomly and naturally slubbed. The plant matures in a soil fed by rain, sunshine and slight variations in temperature. Each linen yarn is the expression of
certain climatic conditions and agricultural methods. Its fibre is linked to a terroir, a human activity, to life. The subtle blend of different crops, each adding its own colours, rusticity and fineness, really brings out the singularity of the yarns. Linen’s natural and raw appeal, along with its ecoqualities, makes it very attractive to our clients.”

Bruno Tatti, Safilin, Yarns, 6F51


Upsetting the traditional, injecting it with surprise, is appealing. Our clients appreciate the beauty of the hand-made, and irregularities sublimated by a mastery of drawing and painting. Imperfections lend a personal touch to our digital prints.
By playing on layers, our traditional botanical motifs are transformed into geometric abstracts. The juxtaposition of textures and smooth effects really surprises our clients.”

Nicola Malcomson, Pattern Textiles, Designs, 5V14


An irregular look to textures is subtly expressed on shiny fabrics with yarns that are both burnt-out and printed. We are betting on naturals, either in fancy versions or those with eco-fibres. We make the most of the imperfect aspect of fibres through cotton, tencel and linen blends that lend an artisanal allure to prints.

Steven Thompson, Sunteks,
Fabrics, 5E52


Leather vaunts its past. The more the skin is wrinkled, the more it has an imaginative resonance. It’s milled to bring up its wrinkles. We apply a black finishing and anthracites so as to unmask and reveal colour with aged effects. Scars and imperfections are magnified by a vintage rendering that is very popular. The living can’t be duplicated, it celebrates singularity.

Gregory Meiler, Rial 1957, Leather, 3E51


Today you have to be different. One of our ideas to bring natural materials to life was to liven them up with surfaces embroidered in natural elements, like river shells, braided raw cords, tiny transparent stones. A perfect alliance celebrating water and earth – life!”

Claudio Bellodi, Simona B, Accessories, 4G20


Denim is crazy about decorative wear.

Marblings, whiskers, coatings, luminous resins and paint spots marvellously simulate the natural wear of a rough or silky fabric. Laser duplicates these effects, from colour gradations on through to extreme abrasions.

Renald Lelu, Rm Confection / Mosaic, Manufacturing, 6X8