IFM Sourcing Conference

THE NEW PANORAMA OF GLOBAL SOURCING: How the euro is reshuffling the supply cards

In the framework of the chair launched jointly with IFM (French Fashion Institute) concerning “The economy of creative materials for fashion”, Première Vision is organizing a conference presenting the new panorama of global sourcing.


Developed from a study conducted by the IFM, it provides an analysis of the mapping of global sourcing, comparing the EU with the US, and including a focus on France. The study will highlight countries that are seeing their relative importance increase in terms of EU and US clothing imports, and those that, in contrast, are seeing their positions erode.

In preamble, the conference will examine the main determinants of sourcing, namely the labour costs in the supply countries, changes in the cost of raw materials, and changing exchange rates. This last point is crucial because a majority of supplies to the EU are established in dollars in Asia, and the appreciation of the dollar vis-à-vis the euro has had a marked impact on the value of supplies.

The study will also take a look at proximity sourcing (Europe, Eastern European countries, Mediterranean countries), focusing on what proportion it represents in terms of European supplies. In doing so, it will be possible to measure the impact of the rise in the dollar on the distribution of supplies (local sourcing vs overseas imports).

Through a survey conducted by the IFM at the end of 2015, forward-looking elements will also be highlighted, including upcoming changes in the procurement practices of brands and distributors (for example, which of the worlds’ regions will be most called upon for European supplies in 2016?).

Finally, the conference will take a particular look at Turkey, now an essential country for the fashion industry: its economic conditions, the sourcing issues, and changing costs (labour, products etc.).


Free access

Tuesday 16 Feb at 3 pm
Thursday 18 Feb at 2 pm
Hall 5 – Room 501