One colour can hide another

Look at the relief on this grain! And such depth! But in fact, this refined finish, which is known as the “two-tone” effect, is by no means an accident or a quirk of nature. It is the result of the perfectionist trait of tanners who strive to produce flawless leathers. To achieve this they have refined a number of techniques for contrasting the top and the base of the grain, whether it is natural or, above all, mechanical.  Some, like Degermann, use a machine which places either a darker or lighter colour at the top of the grain. Others, such as Haas, tumble the skins in a drum which raises the grain through the effect of friction. Some companies, such as Fortier, proceed by spraying a colour onto the skins. The most patient, like the Tannerie Rémy Carriat, hand colour the top of the grain using a stamp, whilst specialists of crocodile leather, like Italven, use patina and buffing effects to embellish their skins, which are very much in demand in these nuanced finishes. To satisfy their customers, tanners spare no efforts!

Italven GB

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