The new campaign of Première Vision Paris highlights the future of creativity

presse paris TYPO OK_01

Through its new international campaigns, Première Vision wants to focus on its closeness to the players in international creation with staging individuals who incarnate creative culture. Following Arzu Kaprol for Istanbul and Dudu Bertholini for Sao Paulo, Première Vision, wanted for Paris campaign, to focus on the future of creativity. In order to embody the most international and transversal event, Première Vision chose 7 students at major fashion and design schools.

“Inspiration drives us. Creation is our passion. Tomorrow belongs to us.”

Sarah (ESMOD – Berlin), Anne (IFM – Paris), Emmanuel (HEAD-GENEVE – Geneva), Liisa (CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN – London), Zoe (FIT – FLORENCE), Xavier (PARIS COLLEGE OF ART – Paris), Delphine (ENSAV – La Cambre Brussels); they incarnate the new creative spirit, the desire, the dynamism, the unceasing inspiration. Thanks to them, and to echo the Manifesto of February event: “Fashion comes to life”.

The campaign was shot during the last Première Vision Paris event, in February. With artistic direction provided by Being, Première Vision’s French advertising agency, the 7 students posed for the photographer Aurore Valade, from Picturetank agency.




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