Step right up, you’ve got to feel it to believe it

Albarellopicture: Federico Albarello

At the very crossroads of casual and chic, sporty and urban, fabrics, leather and accessories grow ever more surprising, especially in their unexpected sensations to the touch. At Metal Bottoni (Accessories), the look is lacquered, but the feel is gummy. Their latest brass creations are developed in three phases – varnishing, coating, polishing – to obtain a refined look and a sportswear-like convenience of use all in a single accessory. Gummy hands are also making news at Federico Albarello (Leather). Eel nappa moves away from a familiar slippery texture for a matt, sometimes metallic appearance, while irregularities in its galuchat (fishskin leathers) create myriad graphic motifs. From weights to aspects and handles, Faisa (Fabrics) plays with the senses. What we are feeling is not what we’re seeing. And vice versa. Thanks to a series of washings to ensure a softened feel and a washed-out look, its indigo macro weaves grow lighter and creamier. And its ultra-fine cotton jacquards grow voluminous, with large placed patterns.