Harmony Focus SS 25: Clarity

Season after season, light unfolds in the color ranges. This Spring-Summer 2025, hues seem to draw their clarity from a powerful sunlight, with solarizations and fadings giving rise to both pale and dazzling color schemes.

Solarized fadings

Colorbook SS 25

Summer fabrics are kissed by the sun. Light, ethereal tones flirt with an immaculate whiteness. Beige, yellow, lilac and turquoise hues blend in blurred motifs, while solarized checks and faded kinetic motifs are shot through with traces of light. A theme interpreted in everything from sophisticatedly casual to fancy looks, in color wovens, jacquards, prints and laces.

Pastel geometries

Color book SS 25

In a continuation of these whitened shades, desaturated warm tones come together in geometric motifs with a faded look. This trend is propelled by efforts to lower the impact of conventional dyes by using vegetable dyes or smaller amounts of pigment. 
Delicately geometric designs featuring diffracted circles and gradient stripes turn up on grounds ranging from shirtings with visible weaves, to rough crepes and fine chiffons.

Sunny chambrays

Colorbook SS 25

Traditionally, chambray weaves feature a pale yarn in the weft, imparting a naturally whitened look to fabrics. 
There’s always something lighthearted about chambrays, which this season are updated with mauve pinks, greens and turquoise blues. Light slips in everywhere, thanks to color-wovens interspersed with pale-hued yarns. A soft clarity also interpreted in other weaves including herringbones, and even knits.  

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