Ready-to-wear seduction

(picture : Chanty)

Lingerie and sportswear are poised to rewrite the codes of feminine elegance. A quick examination of seduction, ready-to-wear style, by Carvico, Eurojersey, and Chanty Spitzenfabrik.

The latest haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion shows have confirmed it: influenced by a demand for comfort and increasing personalization, women’s fashions freely draw their inspiration from the worlds of lingerie and sportswear, for a go-anywhere look combining performance and seduction.

For Carvico (Fabrics) this trend is marked by self fashioning, the subtle art of mixing codes to define a style with a strong personality: both precious and powerful, soft and silkily shiny, stretch fabrics in polyamide and elastane from Pepita de Jersey Lomellina and Beverly de Carvico were designed specifically to bridge tops, intimate-wear bras and sports bras.


The Italian company Eurojersey (Fabrics) meanwhile, is working in the same vein, with its Sensitive Fabrics® collection: available in Classic or Sculpt versions, these lightweight and breathable fabrics in polyamide microfiber and Lycra take from lingerie their shaping side and corsetry, and from beachwear their technical performance (no curling, high resistance to washing) and their adaptability to the widest range of treatments (ultrasonic, laser cutting and taping). In heavier versions, both plain and two-toned, the bonded version in this fabric family lends itself perfectly to the most structured swimwear, but also to jacket and pant weights.


 A lingerie lace specialist for 50 years, Chanty Spitzenfabrik (Fabrics) is well placed to confirm the growing interplay between public and private wear: romantic, inspired by an animal and floral universe, the new laces proposed by this German company play on transparencies and are enriched with fringe, to ensure a new ready-to-wear role for lingerie.