Graphic Interlockings


picture : Set societa europa tessile

The graphic abyss and mesmerizing repetitions reminiscent of Escher (of those black-and-white stairs endlessly devolving into infinite structures) is one of the season’s real curiosities. Selecta Como (Fabrics) reveals a fluid silk with a ‘bandana’ visual worked in a very closely-set all over, creating a nesting of patterns in which can be found the hypnotic gaze of an owl. On the leather side of things, Concheria Trend (Leather) proposes an obsessive and deceptively 3D honeycomb. Graphic tessellations are simply amazing at WSG USA (Accessories), as seen in their beetle coat of arms, where a traditional embroidery is layered over a metal line tracing a digital network over the insect’s morphology. The designer Marie Wagner (Designs), methodically superimposes and shifts the layers of a rigorous geometry with an imperceptibly blurry line, creating fascinating frames within frames, and stories within stories.