Fabrics film AW1819

The autumn winter 18/19 Première Vision Fabrics season is elaborated, articulated, set in motion and given shape all through the number three. It’s a combination that is multiplied in themes and images under the creative guidance of JPPM, a consulting business, and spotlights the three elements of every textile creation: the look, the feel and the behaviour.

Thus unfolds the season and all its tools, in its many forms of expression and mutually-complementary media. The tangible, material product is expressed via a visual image with an immediate impact. The image is enhanced by accompanying words. Together, these images and words comprise the film of the season, simulating an infinite and evolving moodboard. It was created by JPPM, alias Pierre Marchal, an instagrammer, curator and designer of creative digital content.


After studying at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, Pierre P. Marchal worked in the press and on special events and developing of visual identities.

At the same time he used the acronym JPPM to develop a creative Instagram account. Pierre P. Marchal used this image-focused media to express his personal approach via singularly relevant collages, juxtapositions, and exchanges.

This led to the birth of the Never Ending Mood Board, an Instagram account providing a daily poetic snapshot of the zeitgeist, with a creative visual mix bringing together all kinds of art, thinking, and imaginative approaches.

His vision led to his being tapped to create a virtual Instagram museum, the “EverLoading Muséum”, a fantasy digital museum created for the 2016 Hyères International Fashion Festival.

More collaborations followed for Adidas, Gucci, Carven, etc.

Today, as a talent curator and creator of digital strategy, Pierre P. Marchal effectively combines a mastery of the media and uniquely relevant content.