Exhibitor Portraits #3 Fabrics


Jean-Laurent Perrin, chairman of Tissages Perrin, Première Vision Fabrics , chose “cold ember” from the AW1718 colour range.

My job chairman and captain

Does today look terribly yesterday to you? Don’t like routine? Come join the world of weavers. We are specialists in silk, in precious and natural fibres. From the fields of mulberry trees to the runway podiums, and the workshops of course, our job is about passion and enthusiasm. But beware: this business, like fashion in general, is unfair. You have to keep your head… We depend on the world around us, we have to know how to bend to its constraints. Today, no one can afford wait. You have to always think about tomorrow, think about what comes next, and therefore think differently. But what’s most critical is the excellence of the know-how. And what’s most difficult: knowing how to nurture that know-how and adapt it. The most gratifying part, of course, is being successful with our clients, and their loyalty. And through it all, the most personal moment is when we have to decide to abandon a project, to say ‘no’, in the interest of our client. And there are those moments where we say ‘yes’. Yes to that customer who wanted a 100% silk with the same characteristics as a 100% wool. Which we did… As for me, I set the course. They’ll tell you that my intense financial training translates into a fondness for clear and direct messages. Now, following my father, I am the captain of the ship. It’s up to me to define, propose and implement the strategic directions that will steer our future growth. And to take the helm during violent economic cycles.