A brushup

(picture : Lanificio Colombo)

Classic velvets or tousled hairies, warm woollens or aged metallics, brushed effects delineate a trend that grows season after season.

At Lanificio Colombo (Première Vision Fabrics), brushing has been built into the DNA of the company since its inception. For the next winter season, the latest brushup adds shine to long, smooth and straight hairs of ultra classic wools and cashmeres, or lends a touch of personality to the tousled, untamed hairs of opaque and moving woollens for an exceptionally modern rendering.

Nastrificio De Bernardi (Première Vision Accessories) reaffirms this double trend that hinges on brushing: with, on the one hand, their ribbons in classic wool velvet or warm mohair, or, on the other, their elegantly-aged rusty metallic prints.


Velvety or hairy handles are also front and centre at Chimont Leather (Première Vision Leather), combining brushed laminates, waxings and finishings on calf or split leather to obtain sticky, naturally shiny effects, or aged metallic aspects.


The Alpaca specialist, Incalpaca (Première Vision Fabric) confirms this trend to long-haired, almost furry, woollens, which brushings give a more natural look to: the sable-like wools from this Peruvian company – which won a Première Vision Award in September 2015 – continue their upswing.