the Best Designs for Autumn-winter 20/21

The autumn-winter season marks a desire for patterns with an authentic look, a desire to enhance the motif without veering into exaggeration. Personalization is soaring, as a way to recognise the DNA of each designer, who expresses his creativity while maintaining an identity that is both strong and adaptable to client / market requirements.

Motifs’ colour harmonies are approached in a subtle, uncomplicated way, increasingly in two-tones. Buyers showed their enthusiasm for emerald potion* and the fiery ego red *. Warm ochre shades, preferably derived from reds (lip brick*, carnivorous bait*), played with pinks and the purple addict * fuchsia, set off with lively accents.

Worked primarily in all-overs, motifs are measured, mid-sized, and expressed in flat tints or watercolours. They celebrate flowers, in a variety of inspirations, as well as random abstracts and depictions of animals.

Designers opted to leave lots of breathing room in their patterns; the background is important and enhances the design.

* referring to the Première Vision colours 

Captivating florals

The season’s flowers – watercoloured, worked in flat tints, sometimes layered and sometimes not – cast an enchanting spell bolstered by an always careful elaboration of colours.
Combining richly-hued darks, exotic winter flowers – widely spaced, twirling against colourfully dark grounds – are alight with strange gleams.
Stylized, with black or contrasting contours, such flowers evoke an Indian and Indonesian influence, borrowing the style of batiks and occasionally combined with geometric motifs.
At the same time, there emerges a colourful softness, in reds, pinks and greys, for a more countrified atmosphere, with little flowers and herbaria worked in all-over designs.

Mutant creatures

Animals continue to inspire motifs, but in a less familiar way. When cockatoos, birds, monkeys and domestic animals aren’t hiding in the leaves and the forests, they camouflage themselves: snakes made a hybrid mix with butterflies, giraffes mutate into zebras, and even butterfly wings fake the look of flowers and leaves.
Surfaces are fully filled-in, imbrications are savvy, and spots are reworked and coloured in an offbeat way.

Linear abstractions

Random abstracts are drawn in a fine, linear manner, evoking wood strata. Motion is important and created by undulations, which are either uninterrupted or created by small motifs that follow each other in wave-like formation.

A small rise in seductively elegantly scrolls and arabesques, which wind about and trace out abstract patterns with thick and evocative curves.

Studied geometry

An expressive geometry celebrating hand-drawn designs, featuring irregular stripes with unsmooth contours.
Dots mix with organic lines, layered or partially overlapping. These stacked layers – combining multiple planes, lights on darks and bright accents – lend new depth and texture to geometricized patterns.