Texprint® Ceremony, The results

Texprint® awarded prizes to megan Lily Clarke and new english textile design talents


Her highly colourful designs are slightly reminiscent of the collages of Matisse, the timeless mood of David Hockney, and the Pop stylings of Patrick Caulfield. Nonetheless, Megan Lily Clarke (Designs) draws her inspirations from a very personal universe that she nourishes during each of her travels. The Morocco and Rome collections started from street photographs, which the designer reworked in gouache paint before creating digital versions.

The abstract geometric motifs inspired by Marrakesh are blended with cactus and animals drawn in flat tints of colour, in one overall vision at once classic and wild. The naive and visionary talent of this young 23-year-old English woman garnered her the Texprint® Pattern Prize, sponsored by Liberty Fabrics (Fabrics) in the presence of Martin Leuthold (Jacob Schlaepfer, Fabrics).

Designs, Hall 5