My Job Designer

Jeremy Somers, owner and creative director of the Circleline studio, (Designs, 5Y32), was featured in the latest Première Vision Paris promotional campaign.

YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE RULES… Think outside the box. Challenge. But, then, you also have to know how to transpose your ideas into creations. These are all fundamental to being a designer. You have to continually surprise. That’s what we’ve been trying to do for the past 18 years. By designing, printing, embroidering…

In some ways design studios are the unsung heroes of the fashion industry. Twenty years ago, Photoshop revolutionized the lives of designers, and clients became accustomed to digital printing. Twenty years ago, our clients were European. Today, we are embracing the Chinese market, with the some of the most exciting designers in the world. Continuing to show at trade fairs is to a way to give a face and a character to our business, our offer. Otherwise you are nothing more than another suitcase full of designs.

You know what real success is for me? A client who looks truly surprised at what he’s just seen.

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