All those French Touch motifs

With the added benefit of 52 French exhibitors, the next edition of Première Vision Designs is infused with the distinctive French Touch.

From “handmade” styles to nods to retro looks, a breakdown of French-style graphic designs.

According to Lucie Bellion, it’s the “handmade” aspect of her motifs that lends them their sensitive and poetic touch, perfect for women’s and children’s ready-to-wear. For her AW 18/19 collection, the designer is developing folk motifs drawn from traditional embroidery designs, and, in a totally different vein, graphic themes updated by somewhat wacky 1990’s style accents and imagery from the 1930s.

The past also represents a fundamental source of inspiration for  Arno Dufour, who freely dips into the classic themes and designs of French graphics to nourish his fresh and modern visual universe, which is retro without ever veering off into nostalgia. The meeting between his French Touch and the look of Soviet packaging from the 1950s and 1960s recently led to a series of floral and figurative prints playing on layered lines and textures made with stamps.

Originally from the Jura region of France, Charlène Bornard recognizes in her own French origins one of the fundamental ingredients of her playful and naïve motives with their girly touches, mostly for the juniors’ and children’s markets. For her debut at Première Vision Designs in September, this French designer is preparing a collection of original figurative motifs mixing storytelling, a “paper-cut” aesthetic, and graphic stylization.

The studio Cymé is very well placed to analyse the roots of French style: for their designers, the fundamental characteristics of the French Touch in textile design are a subtle irreverence and boldness that strongly differentiate them from classic graphic references. The collection of motifs that this collector of graphic talent is preparing plays on paradox and humour, distorting baroque flowers and classic 19th-century chinoiserie with a digital look, and a palette of deep colours as unusual as they are elegant.

Traditional and contemporary, classic and offbeat, lyrical and ironic: so many reasons to make the French Touch your own.

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