TWINS FOR PEACE, guest designer on Bag & Shoe

Twins for Peace will present the GACHA COLLECTION on the Bag & Shoe Corner
The Jean-Félicien Foundation was created in 2002. Its aim is to educate and provide occupational skills to local villagers in Cameroon, helping them to increase their opportunities to gain a higher education.
The Gacha collection by Twins for Peace was born through the local women’s savoir-faire. Using hand-embroidered beads, each pair of Gacha shoe represents 50 hours of work. Percentage of sales go directly to the foundation that helps preserve this traditional know-how and continues to provide work and craft education to women. Due to local resource constraints in Cameroon, production has been exported to India, while still respecting the traditional craftsmanship and processes. Twins for Peace still continues to support the Foundation.

TWINS FOR PEACE – We Make Cool Shoes That Help Children
Created in 2009 by twins Maxime and Alexandre Mussard along with Louis-Félix de Fenoyl, Twins for Peace is a French lifestyle brand that aims to promote humanitarian values through its shoes, clothes and accessories. For every pair of shoes purchased, a locally and sustainably produced shoe is donated to a needy child. So far, over 15 000 shoes have been delivered to children worldwide.