Sprayground, guest designer on Bag & Shoe

“I travelled the globe with just a black backpack. When it was time to buy a new bag, I was sick of the obvious. A light bulb went off. One gift I knew I had was an eye for edgy ideas and I needed a backpack that would kick off the rebel of all bag companies, because the current brands were too boring for me.”

That’s how David Ben-David, founder and designer of sprayground, decided to launch its own brand three years ago and become the rebel bag company.

Growing up in Miami painting, skating and surfing, DBD was always on the go and would pack his whole life in his backpack. It only made sense years later to start an art inspired backpack line. So, though originally created as a backpack company for street artists to easily transport spray cans, Sprayground is now a reference in the bag industry.

Its edgy fashion and sleek functionality allowed Sprayground to break through in a market no one cared about. Not only did DBD want to create expressive backpacks, he also put a lot of focus into design, creativity, and functionality, creating a product that is not afraid to break down barriers in the fashion world. People now collect Sprayground; each bag is limited and never produced again.

sprayground logo

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