Shoes: New decorations

After a slow start, this trend is gathering speed and has spread to all types of footwear: Shoes are being decorated, customised, colour and accessories are being added – from exuberant sneakers to evening shoes, via the men’s city shoe with its colourful laces, and everything needed for this trend can be found at Première Vision Accessories. In addition to fringes, which are truly the “it-decoration” of the year, laces are unanimously appreciated, whether subtly coloured and mottled from Société Choletaise de Fabrication or printed in high definition to include the brand name from De Bernardi

© De Bernardi                                                                                                                   © Tacchificio Pienne

 At Tacchificio Pienne, the heel has been raised to a work of art.



Tacchificio Pienne

And to attach them, the straps of the mountain shoes from Ribbontex can be reworked as city wear. Indeed, reworking is the name of the game: Chains decorate welts, lace and guipure embellish wedge soles. There are also accessories specially dedicated to footwear. At Fibel, decorative metal plates for shoelaces or metallic spurs are designed for city shoes.