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This company manufactures all types of metal items for leathergoods and footwear: Clasps, buckles, sliders, fixings for shoulder straps, rings, decorations and applications on leather. With its in-house design studio, the company produces two collections a year, offering real creative inspiration for a customer base mainly made up of couture houses. From conception and development to the production of collections as well as the wholesale trade of complementary accessories (zips, chains and rivets) Accessori Val Vibrata offers a global solution ensuring everything is perfectly coordinated down to the slightest detail.



Bolflex has been producing shoe soles since 1992 and specialises in working with synthetic rubber. Today the company produces some 1000 pairs per day for the fashion and comfort markets. The entire process is managed in-house, from the design, prototype and mould production, injection, dyeing and manufacture. This organisation allows the company to offer a very fast development service at a very competitive price. Key products include ultra-light soles, models made from 60% recycled TPU, and welts directly injected into the soles.



In the 30 years of its existence, this zip maker has become a major player in its field, producing a complete range of products including buttons, rivets, press fasteners, labels, elastic, crochet and braid. The focus is on analysing the customer’s needs, the design and strength-testing in order to meet the requirements of sectors such as jeanswear, leather, outdoor and also yachting, automobile and other industrial sectors. The company also seeks to innovate, producing anti-bacterial, fire and water resistant zips or zips with elastic tapes. And do not miss a visit to the first online Zip museum – original and very inspiring.



This family company has been manufacturing buttons and other clothing accessories for more than 100 years. It is a past master in the art of working with mother of pearl, horn, corozo, brass, bone, wood, Galalith and perpetuates traditional savoir-faire. The collection stands out for the elegance of its style, the beauty of its materials, and the quality of its production. Thanks to its in-depth understanding of natural raw materials, Fénili, with its strong artisanal heritage and its modern equipment, listens carefully to its clients, offering useful advice in their search for customisation.



In less than 30 years, this company with its 1,500 employees worldwide has become an essential player in labelling. Its objective: to identify and protect brands. Here we find a complete range of woven labels, printed labels, adhesives, jacquards, badges in leather and silicon, seals, packaging and stickers, as well as many solutions for brand protection that are particularly complete and in constant development. Lately, the company has refined an innovative web-based technology specially designed for e-businesses.

maniffatura modenese_1433


Fringes, pompoms, braid, scallops – this company produces everything imaginable for embellishing clothing, accessories, footwear, decorative items and even the beds of household pets! This trimmings firm places no limits on the creativity of its clients. Raw wool or silky viscose, natural ecru or shiny neon, plus sequins, beads, rabbit, Alcantara, chains, raffia – the most diverse materials come together in creations that are renewed season after season, and are designed and produced entirely in-house. Special mention should be made for the wide range of stretch items, particularly in tune with current market trends.



Combining new technologies with the expertise of its qualified artisans, this manufacturer, specialised in metalworking, produces original accessories. From the heel to the tip, the company offers everything imaginable to embellish shoes, as well as belts and bags, and turn them into unique objects. Corners, clips, buckle straps, tips, plates, chains and fasteners, in enamel-coated metal, with added diamanté or with a simple polished finish. In addition to its bespoke creations, Mimet offers its customers a wide range of refined, creative and highly fashionable decorations that are immediately available.



Founded in 1966, this company initially manufactured metal toe caps but today has become a producer of metallic accessories, clasps, handles, buckles, eyelets, plates, decorations and rings, for top-of-the-range leather goods, with a collection that is constantly being renewed and enriched each season in line with current trends. Working in brass and zamak, Julian Minguez is one of the few companies to possess all the tools needed for machining, welding, polishing and galvanising items, managing every step of the production and finishing process. This family company, now managed by the third generation, has stayed loyal to its values of quality and service.

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This button maker’s collection is extremely vast, and is adapted to all sectors of the apparel market. It includes items made from plastic, metal, mother of pearl, wood, horn or corozo. The lacquered, enamelled, brushed or engraved finishes are elegant and refined, and the luminescence, satin highlights, iridescent effects and coloured transparencies are particularly successful. In addition, the manufacturer offers an anti-counterfeiting system with a logo that is visible under UV light. Founded in 1964, this company has built an international reputation and today works with clients around the world.



A manufacturer of soles, heels and platforms, this family company makes a point of only offering products that are 100% Made in Italy, including the raw materials. Produced in ABS, polystyrene, resin, EVA, polyurethane, wood, leather or Plexi, the basic shapes are then sent to the finishing department. There they are coated in leather, cork or other materials, hand painted, embellished with diamanté and gems, given a galvanised, lacquered metallic or varnished finish, printed, inlaid, etc. The company can draw upon a very wide range of techniques in order to rapidly respond to the specific demands of their clients, coming mainly from the womenswear sector.



This company, founded around ten years ago, designs and develops hand-embroidered designs for the leading names in the fashion and luxury sectors. Able to work in a variety of styles, the company’s portfolio is particularly rich and varied. Its main offices are located in London and Mumbai, and it works with more than 200 specialist artisans, veritable virtuosos in the art of combining all types of materials and extremely elaborate traditional techniques to produce contemporary models, developed by the company’s designers.



A family company with a rich past but which is also at the cutting edge of technology, this manufacturer of chains works with gold, silver, titanium, platinum, palladium and steel, as well as alternative materials such as leather and rubber, to produce elegant , top-of-the-range jewellery. In 1920, they were the first company to automate the production of snake chain, and today they boast the most advanced tools and continue to offer flawless quality. They can produce very strong and yet very fine chains, thanks to laser soldering. With latest generation 3D printing, they produce clasps that are extremely precise. And they also boast green credentials with the installation of a new cooling system that reduces their water consumption. Even the most demanding clients will find what they need here.



From labels to tags via hangers and packaging, this manufacturer presents two collections a year teeming with ideas to help companies stand out from their competitors in the mid to high end casual classic and jeanswear sectors. Transparency, texture, precision, shine – everything counts, whether it is embroidery, jacquard, flocking, micro-injection or lamination. The design team succeed in producing remarkable results with the most well-known materials. Their inventiveness knows no bounds when it comes to helping their clients build their identity and combat counterfeiting.

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Specialised in flocking and hot fix transfers, this Italian manufacturer brings many new features to this field. Its patented Crystal net (®) diamante netting is remarkably flexible. Thanks to a new and almost invisible heat-bonding agent, the company can add diamante to chiffon, tulle, lace and any other light and transparent fabric without leaving the slightest trace of glue. It has also developed a flocking with record-breaking depth, reaching some 6mm. All of these technical innovations, combined with the prolific creativity of the company, have attracted the glitterati including leading designers, international stars and even the Vatican!



Buckles, buckle straps, buttons, laces, handles, clips, laces, tie pins, rivets – whether for city wear, sportswear, beachwear, children’s wear or evening wear, the accessories produced by this manufacturer stand out for their modern elegance and the care with which they are made. Whether in terms of combinations of materials (Plexi, metal, wood, enamel), or their colours, shapes, textures and finishes, nothing is left to chance in this collection which is adapted to all fashion sectors. It is the fruit of in-depth research carried out by a team of designers who play close attention to trends around the world, from New York to Hong Kong and Barcelona.