The new YKK edge logo snap CAP


YKK’s snap fasteners and buttons provide the backbone to the fashion world’s utilitarian requirements, marrying style and function for designers long beyond their 2016 catwalk collections.  


As with all of YKK’s fastening solutions, its new EDGE LOGO SNAP CAP has it own unique engineering characteristics, allowing for innovative personalisation even on the edge of the snap. Cutting-edge laser technology can be applied to any YKK Snap Cap, button,           sew-on or other product, so that each item is uniquely and distinctly branded, making each garment it applies unique and desirable.

A Fresh Look, Personalised
Modern and understated, the EDGE LOGO SNAP’s true potential is released by the infinite customisable possibilities available on all YKK snaps, allowing for high-tech personalisation, be it by mould or laser, engraved or embossed logos, images or text. The same logo can be transferred onto buttons, sliders and pullers, allowing for full visual customisation and branding.


  • The EDGE LOGO SNAP CAP is available in different sizes, using specific finishing it is possible to create different galvanic colours on the logo
  • Attaching is guaranteed in combination with all YKK FlexFix snaps and unparalleled technology
  • Using die cast technology YKK can develop excellent variation in size and shape