With the daring of couture and the technology of sneakers, accompanied by discreet comfort, footwear is definitely one of a piece.

Giuliano Russo, Russo Di Casandrino – Leather

“OUR FINISHES FOR MEN TEND TO BE SHINIER THAN BEFORE, and there are thicker leathers for men than women. For women, we always emphasise the suppleness and fineness of smooth and simple skins that the big names have been after for several seasons. But that’s not all! We also have laminated leathers with more matt effects and beaded looks that are more visible than before.”



Davide Canciani, Vibram, Accessories – SHOE FOCUS

“LIGHTNESS! THAT’S THE KEY WORD FOR WINTER 16-17 IN MY OPINION. Research lets us develop soles over large volumes, which is the other major trend of the moment. In urban and lifestyle, we’re focusing on grip – on wet ground – and comfort. For the outdoor market, the product benefit is performance, which spurs us to reinvent ourselves in the fields of grip and traction. Another field of innovation is our new intelligent sole: it communicates with smartphones and other embedded technologies to interact with the wearer!”



Gabriel Martinez Richarte, Grupo Gamar – Accessories, SHOE FOCUS

“OUR HEELS COMBINE THE SOPHISTICATION OF STILETTOS WITH THE COMFORT OF A STURDY SHOE. They are square and solid, with straight and clean lines. In terms of materials, we combine wood and stone or wood and methacrylates, working oxidized metals, or flocked and iridescent velvets. And finally, the colours of the season range from black to pastels: there’s something for everyone.”



Renzo Rosati, Conceria Incas – Leather

“IN FOOTWEAR, OUR MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS INCLUDE NATURAL FINISHES that create an effect of great depth in leathers. The small size of the skins we use lets us play on very fine and precious grains, which are delicate and have a sensuous feel. All in colours with very natural accents.”



Lassaad Slama, Soprotic – Manufacturing

“OUR PRIORITY? LIGHTNESS AND COMFORT. Without compromising our fashion identity. For footwear, we play on a mix of materials and shine, and we are going all in on colour, especially pastels.”