The Lodental Man

The idea for the collection “Lodental Manifattura Italiana” began in 2011 when its creator, Andrea Provvidenza, found his father’s loden coat whilst rummaging around in his cellar. The memories of a family tradition flooded back to him: his grandfather and father regularly wore loden and Provvidenza received his very first coat in this emblematic material on his eighth birthday.
Produced from sheep’s wool and initially woven and used by the farmers in the Tyrol region of Austria and northern Italy, loden is a rustic material which is surprisingly both warm and waterproof. During the 19th century the use of loden expanded. No longer used exclusively by farmers it was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy to make clothes for their hunting trips. A white loden coat was even made for the emperor Franz-Joseph. This created a real appetite for loden which then became the material of choice for the European aristocracy’s winter wardrobes. From its original grey colour it then was made in white, red, black or dark green. In the 1960s loden became a phenomenon in the fashion world when couturiers and stylists began to use it in their collections.
Today the “new” loden fabrics, produced in Leichtfried in Austria, are still as warm and as waterproof as ever, but they have the advantage of being a lot lighter than the original versions. Displaying of harmony between the cultures of the north and south of Italy, Lodental’s collection for men and women mixes the loden tradition with the ideals of Neapolitan couture. A refined silhouette, arriving below the knee, a raw cut, buttons in leather whose hemispherical shape update the traditional loden model: Lodental Manifattura Italiana offers a resolutely contemporary interpretation of this material which so nearly fell into oblivion.