Of the eye and the hand

The eye of the title is that of photographer Johanna de Tessières, but also, and in particular, that of the artisans, working behind the scenes and right in the forefront of the biggest shows in Parisain haute couture : wide eyed, on the look out for the Zeitgeist; lynx-like, hunting down the smallest details and using them to perfection. The hand is that of Amandine Maziers, putting into words the visual spectacles, but also that of the artisan artists who have all of the essential talents of the magnificence of haute couture at their fingertips.
These highly skilled eyes and hands to which this book is dedicated come from twenty four studios, working in the darkness to bring forth light. These small hands which hide behind the ostentation of haute couture are employed in trades which seem to come from another era : the weaver, dyer, tucker, converter, embroiderer, feather worker, fan maker… They are, however, in our own era and at the service of a fashion which is made and unmade depending on the seasons and the inspirations of the time. They are constantly updating their methods and their actions, innovating new techniques and anchoring in the present their centuries old traditions. The photographs in this book put faces to these eyes and hands, showing portraits of the artisans who we do not know nearly well enough, lingering on the important details and insatiably delighting in all of the exceptional components which come together to make the final work.
L'Œil et la Main, ©Johanna de Tessières 2
L’Œil et la Main, les artisans de la haute couture
Texts by Armandine Maziers and photographs by Johanna de Tessières
Preface by Christian Lacroix.
Collectionneur Editions.