Hanno Wessel, Hannoh, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“The word “innovation” in fashion design is very important in the context of knowledge, expertise and history. If you know the history of clothing and the way certain tricks and methods were used, you can work with them and innovate. You can bring something new to old, forgotten things. We rediscover techniques, we transform, we reintroduce, we tweak fabrics and clothes and this is what makes for innovation. The adage “everything has already been invented” is true.

I came here to look without knowing exactly what for. I am looking for inspiration and for things to seduce me, perhaps. Who knows? I am very curious… I go to many salons, not only this one. I also attend Texworld, here and there. I try to see everything and that reveals inspirations: this idea here, that technique there, we could do that, make a small program, something expensive — which is what is is — but which is the point of departure for the entirety of a next collection. That is my hope.”