Francis Dravigny, Parsi, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“We work principally with native Filipino fibers such as Abaca and Buntal, which come from banana trees, palm trees, and the like. We try to maintain ancestral expertise unique to the Philippines, including totally manual weaving down to the extraction of the fibers used.

We look to the savoir-faire of a French company to ennoble our handmade fabrics. They are Lyonnais specialties: printing, embossing, pleating and embroidery. There are 1001 ways to use these techniques to embellish a fabric and produce from it something entirely different.

The extraordinary quality of these uniquely-produced textiles has lead them to use in the production of blinds and Japanese partitions. They have been popular in interior design, but also in hat making. All things that relate to the sculpting of fabric.”