Corinne Bizet, Atelier Bizet, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“I am Corinne Bizet. Since 2005, I have directed an atelier specialized in embroidery for couture and luxury houses. I am lucky in my workshop to be surrounded by people who are not simply confectioners – we are able to design together through our embroidery. We do a lot of things in 3D. We can make things that are completely unexpected. Embroidery keeps no secrets from us. When a domain is mastered, there are no limits. We have been moving toward that, because it is fun, it is a bit challenging.

In our style of working, we often propose samples to designers who rebound them, either having us modify them or accepting them as is. Then we embroider the dresses. Designers can also submit a motif, an idea or an inspiration board. Generally we offer one or two samples which are then validated by the designer and then we make the dress or object. Because, we also produce objects.”