Bucol's Velours au Sabre

A unique tradition, the Velours au Sabre can only be worked with duchess satin which has a double warp. Created exclusively by hand, this technique consists of cutting the uppermost warp with a “Saber”, a tool very like a surgeon’s scalpel, to create a pattern. Once cut, the threads are worked over with a brush made of wild boar so that the threads of the velvet are revealed and the image appears in relief.
It is a traditional hand craft which requires very delicate actions and years of training. The result and the quality of the image, created by the “sabering”, can not be recreated using any other technique.
The Velours au Sabre, one of the most prestigious traditions of Lyonnais silk makers, was created by Stéphanois Charles Rebours in the 1850s. The ribbon maker Stéphanoise Colcombet, whose descendent, Charles Colcombet, would later found the house of Bucol, was one of the first to us this technique. Bucol naturally continued the tradition when founded in 1924.
Bucol was named a Living Heritage Company in 2007.
In September 2011 Bucol participated in Maison d’Exceptions, the section of the Première Vision fair dedicated to high class creations.