Altagamma: Contemporary Italian excellence

Founded in 1992, Altagamma brings together many Italian firms involved in “high end” industry. The primary goal of this foundation is to reinforce the presence of its members at an international level and to guide the development of quality Italian industry and its corresponding culture, through a variety of activities.
The foundation is comprises of some eighty members among whom are some of the brand most representative of the “Made in Italy” ethos  — covering many domains beyond fashion design including jewelry, hotels, and even gastronomy. Some notable examples: Ermenegildo Zegna, Tod’s, Ferragamo, Fendi, Gucci, Bulgari and Valentino in fashion ; Flos, Alessi, Kartell and Artemide in design ; Ferrari and Ducati in automobile manufacture.  Joining these members is a community of international partners in service functions — such as banks and consulting firms — and some honorary members whether institutional or involved in distribution, all having in common participating in the increased influence, preservation and care of Italian industry.
Altagamma has conducted many projects towards the preservation of the creativity, quality and high technique which are the hallmarks of its affiliates: improving the image of Italy in the work, institutional relations, training, studies and research, conferences…among these activities, one initiative in particular stands out: “Success in Our Hands” is a project aiming to promote the value of manual labor, addressed principally to high school students to incite them to engage with professional and technical vocations in the sector which are these days considered undesirable, despite their essential role in society. It is a project committed to the renewal and bolstering of the Italian national luxury industry.

A film has been realized in collaboration with the Experimental Cinema Center of Milan with an aim to provide a contemporary view of manual labor, in which entrepreneurs from Altagamma (such as Gianmaria Buccellati, Ottavio Missoni, and Carlo Riva) or artisans (such as Paul Dazzara of Illycaffè, Clément Olivadoti of Bulgari, Federica Giorgi of Gucci,  and Francesco Rodriquez of Flos) tell the stories of their ties with savoir-faire which are key to the worldwide renown of these Italian brands.