Aissa Dione, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 1/3

(English subtitles available)

“My name is Aissa Dione and I am Franco-Senegalese, though my business is entirely based in Senegal. We started up a traditional weaving business, thirty years ago now. Southern Senegal preserves a very particular method where weavers work two at once, leading to more complexity compared to other methods.

These weavers come from the Manjak community, mostly from Guinea-Bissau in Southern Senegal. They all come from this particular nook. I was very lucky as a painter – I was a painter starting out – to meet artisans. We were able to develop our textiles from this fusion, which was very interesting.

I am developing a very particular business in this region of South Senegal cultivating organic cotton. This cotton is hand-spun in the surrounding villages. The plants are, likewise, cultivated within the perimeter. Otherwise, I have used cotton varieties that come from Senegal and other places such as Egypt, which I combined with raffia, viscose, silk, and eventually linen. It is my more classic line.”